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About SheHoopsLA

Who We Are

SheHoopsLA officially started in May 2021 as an all-women’s basketball community based in the Los Angeles area that provides all identifying women a safe space to play basketball.


As a SheHoopsLA community, we care for one another and encourage each other to show up & be the best version of ourselves on and off the court. 


We support all-women empowerment, personal development, positive growth, living boldly, and influencing others through leadership.


What We Value

Here at SheHoopsLA, the wellbeing of people and their health comes first. Which is why we believe in playing for fun over playing to win. Each team member is welcomed to play at any skill level and any age group.

How It Started

Since May 2021, SheHoopsLA has grown to ~300 players and continues to welcome new players to the court each week. If you have a love for the sport or want to meet good people, we'd love to welcome you to the team.


Team Gallery

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